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holding my Best in Show Blog certificate


It is an honor to have won these awards but an even greater honor to serve my community of patients who are living with the same health conditions that affect my life.

holding my Best in Show Pinterest Certificate

Here’s the thing: Awards can be awesome and I am so appreciative but I also want you to know that many times they can also be meaningless. 

Sometimes they are popularity contests – whoever gets the most likes or endorsements has an advantage or wins. That also drives traffic to the host of the awards so consider the agenda there.

Sometimes they are a way for websites to gain traffic by choosing winners who have a large number of followers. I’ve often received emails worded similarly to: We’ve named you a top blog/video/etc. Post this badge on your site and please share this link on our site to our page, and when I don’t I get follow up emails “reminding” me.

Sometimes they are chosen by unqualified or bias judges who know the finalists and either like or dislike them and will vote according to personal feelings. 

I am so very thankful for the awards and recognition’s I have been given but I am also very aware of the things mentioned above and have experienced it first hand. If you are an advocate feeling like your work is going unnoticed please remember the things I just said and also realize that if you are doing work that makes positive change in the lives of others that is the best reward there is. <3 

2011 Hilarious Health Advocate Finalist
2011 Rookie of the Year Finalist
2015 WEGO Health Activist Finalist: Best YouTube
2015 WEGO Health Activist Award Winner: Hilarious Health Activist
2015 WEGO Health Activist Award Winner: Lifetime Achievement
Healthline Best Crohn's Disease blogs 2015
2016 WEGO Health Activists Awards Winner: Best Pinterest
2019 Healio Gastro Disruptive Innovator Finalist
2019 Healio Gastro Disruptive Innovator Finalist


  • 2011 St. Joseph Mercy Hospital patient award.
  • 2012 Myth Mugshots winner. WEGO Health.
  • 2014 Pass It On Initiative winner. The Great Bowel Movement.
  • 2014 Oley Foundation travel scholarship.
  • 2014 IBD blog to follow. Gut Check App.
  • 2017 Top 10 Crohn's blogs by Medical News Today.
  • 2017 Named as one of the Top 5 Crohn's bloggers by Manage Digestion.
  • 2018 Oley Foundaton HPN award finalist.
  • 2018 Top Crohn's Account to Follow on Twitter. Everyday Health.

Welcome to the NEW Inflamed & Untamed!

Please read

I’m so excited you finally get to see my new site. This is a period of transition as I continue moving my old website at tumblr to this new website. Please know that I am still working on this and there are still quite a few kinks to work out. the site performance and appearance will improve dramatically over time; hopefully very soon.

 Not all of my content has been moved here yet so if you’re looking for one of my old posts that isn’t here it’s still over at Be sure to bookmark this new site as I have changed my URL. <3