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We iz chronic illness advocates an we are cats. It iz scientifick proven alternative fackt that humans learn better from cats. 


Akshully the best cat u will evar know of. I are just a tiny baby boy doin the lords work. 

Fallow me on all my soshial media!1


Furs of all my nayme is NOT Eddie! It is Edie (she/her)

Whut come after A-B-C? 


Now reverse it! That iz how u say my nayme. Eee-Dee! 

Here I am going 2 hell in a hand baskeet.

Welcome to the NEW Inflamed & Untamed!

Please read

I’m so excited you finally get to see my new site. This is a period of transition as I continue moving my old website at tumblr to this new website. Please know that I am still working on this and there are still quite a few kinks to work out. the site performance and appearance will improve dramatically over time; hopefully very soon.

 Not all of my content has been moved here yet so if you’re looking for one of my old posts that isn’t here it’s still over at Be sure to bookmark this new site as I have changed my URL. <3