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Vomit: My Life with Chronic Intestinal Pseudo Obstruction

There’s a lot of shame that goes into that. Leaving it there.

I left a big plastic bowl of vomit in a parking lot. What a life. But that is my life. The part of my life that doesn’t get shared on Instagram or in the posts on this website. It’s just my real, disgusting, difficult day-to-day.

Sadly that bowl of puke wasn’t the lowest point of my year and not near as difficult of a day as most of the days I’ve had…

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TPN Backpacks Part 2

Vibedration specializes in making hydration packs that are geared towards music festival lovers but they also work very well for the TPN consumer.

The backpacks come on a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from…

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TPN Backpacks Part 1

If you’re on TPN a good backpack is essential if you don’t want to be stuck wearing a backpack that weighs you down, hurts your back, is awkward to wear, and doesn’t work for your lifestyle. This is especially important for those who infuse their TPN…

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Rational Thoughts About My Perianal Abscess

All joking aside having an abscess is an awful thing to deal with. I try to joke a bit and maintain my alarmingly great sense of humor but not only are they gross but they are extremely painful. Severe pain that interrupts sleep and makes wearing clothes, walking, sitting, and so forth a real struggle. It’s incredible how painful they are. The last time I had one…

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Welcome to the NEW Inflamed & Untamed!

Please read

I’m so excited you finally get to see my new site. This is a period of transition as I continue moving my old website at tumblr to this new website. Please know that I am still working on this and there are still quite a few kinks to work out. the site performance and appearance will improve dramatically over time; hopefully very soon.

 Not all of my content has been moved here yet so if you’re looking for one of my old posts that isn’t here it’s still over at Be sure to bookmark this new site as I have changed my URL. <3